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Goldman Sachs Gets it Wrong for Scotland: Shortsightedness and Neglectfullness

There are many who would hold an investment bank such as Goldman Sachs up next to God. Its analysts are impeccable and accurate, and not only can see every financial catastrophe coming, but also understand the opportunity cost of what could have been but wasn’t. Thus the financial world was shocked by the recent polls […]

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Water is More Valuable than Gold: Scotland’s most undervalued resource; the Elephant in the Room; and the solution to the Currency Debate

The Academic Entrepreneur picked up an article in today on CNN Money “Water becoming more valuable than gold“.  To many of you, this will not be a surprise.   “The World Economic Forum names it as the number three global risk of 2014.”   Scotland has a lot of it as well, and one of the best […]

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Currency in Scotland: Commentary and the Block Chain Possibility

  Keiser report where Scottish Independence and cryptocurrency is discussed. A couple of great conversations here about cryptocurrency, and the possibilities for a new country to put its system “on the block chain“. Just put it all on the block chain. If you aren’t familiar, read about the block chain here.  Its actually the “Alternative […]

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Scotland Decides: Currency Debate Is Sparse on Imagination

Through Jo Young of the Edinburgh Entrepreneurship Club I followed Twitter to an article from a publication called “The Conversation” on “Scotland Decides ’14: The Conversation Expert Panel”. There are a series of online debates to be posted. The first one, much to my chagrin, was on the currency issue. If these end up […]

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Universities Have Opportunity for Experiential Education Under Their Noses and Don’t See It

Universities have the opportunity to facilitate experiential entrepreneurship education right under their noses but they don’t see it. Yet.   A fascinating article about maverick students mining cryptocurrency using university computer systems in some shades of grey areas can be found below following the Academic Entrepreneur’s commentary. Hmmmmmm let’s think. The Academic Entrepreneur has a […]

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TechCrunch repost: Exceeds $1M in Bitcoin Transactions in Two Months

See for full article Exceeds $1M In Bitcoin Transactions In Two Months Posted yesterday by Matt Burns Surprise! People have bitcoins and want to spend them, a fact that quickly discovered after they started accepting bitcoin payments.“We did not expect to hit this milestone so quickly,” states Chairman and CEO Patrick M. Byrne. “Bitcoin […]

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Techdirt repost: Rep. Polis Asks Treasury to Ban Dollar Bills

From Techdirt – by Mike Masnick ———– Rep. Polis Asks Treasury To Ban Dollar Bills, Mocking Senator’s Request To Ban Bitcoins from the you-win dept Last week, we wrote about the technologically clueless grandstanding Senator Joe Manchin’s bizarre request to the Treasury Department and the Fed that it figure out a way to ban Bitcoin. Almost everything in […]

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