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Susan Olivia Poole: An Iconic Woman for the Bank of Canada’s new Banknote

The Academic Entrepreneur has nominated Susan Olivia Poole (1889-1975), an immigrant slash indigenous slash inventor slash entrepreneur slash mom slash exporter slash musician,  as an iconic woman for the new Bank of Canada Bank note to be printed in 2018. The reasons for this nomination are that Susan Olivia Poole was: –An immigrant  She was […]

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Canada’s Immigrant Investor Venture Capital Pilot Program Launched

As anticipated, the Canadian Government has launched its Immigrant Investor Venture Capital Program (IIVC).  This was originally announced in December of 2014.  The program opened at the end of January. Unfortunately, the Academic Entrepreneur has not been blogging at the usual pace. Apologies are in order. Essentially, here is how The IIVC works:  High Net Worth Individuals […]

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BioDesign for the Dundee

Dundee University, I learned recently, has great ambitions to become Scotland’s highest ranked university within 25 years. It is pursuing a new entrepreneurship and innovation strategy which is currently being worked on by Alastair McGill to help it achieve this goal. I spent a few days up in Dundee this month and will write a […]

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Twenty Questions for Canadians Regarding Scottish Independence

Questions for the Canadians and on their perspective on Scottish Independence from the Academic Entrepreneur     I am asking these because in my “ethnographic experience” in Canada, I’ve noted one or more of the following around the issue of Scottish Independence: a) apathy surrounding the issue; b) a lack of an awareness of the […]

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On Immigration Policy: Blog repost on EU citizens living in Scotland

A most interesting, thoughtful post on EU citizens living in Scotland. This is from the Arc of Prosperity blog and was published yesterday by Thomas Widmann from Denmark, a German Citizen now living in Scotland.     EU citizens in Scotland must vote Yes to independence Posted on 04/09/2014 by thomas UKIP election propaganda by mia!, […]

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Goldman Sachs Gets it Wrong for Scotland: Shortsightedness and Neglectfullness

There are many who would hold an investment bank such as Goldman Sachs up next to God. Its analysts are impeccable and accurate, and not only can see every financial catastrophe coming, but also understand the opportunity cost of what could have been but wasn’t. Thus the financial world was shocked by the recent polls […]

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Step Change for Innovation in Scotland: How to Massively Increase the Supply of Venture Capital in Scotland

This talk was given recently by the Academic Entrepreneur at the Business School of the University of Edinburgh.   See:   Slides can be found here:   A video will be posted on YouTube and linked here as well, and photos published within the month.

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