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Sequoia Capital: High Performance and Harnessing Immigrant Entrepreneurial Energy

Why Might Sequoia Capital Go Down in History as the Greatest Venture Capital Fund Ever?   An upcoming Forbes article “Inside Sequoia Capital: Silicon Valley’s Innovation Factory” of April 14th, 2014, is a good read, especially for those not familiar with the fabulous venture capital firm, a favorite of the Academic Entrepreneur and arguably the […]

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Series on Scotland: Professor Tom Devine of the University of Edinburgh

Professor Tom Devine helps us put our understanding of Scotland and the prospect of independence in perspective.   Continuing on The Academic Entrepreneur’s series on Scotland and The Imagination Economy in light of the upcoming independence Referendum, let’s here from Senior Research Professor in History, Tom Devine of the University of Edinburgh. He is also […]

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Tax Policy: Why Creating Competition to London is a Bad Thing

Following my recent “10-10-10 Policy” post about tax policy and its potential power in Scotland, I thought this blog article “The City upon a hill” from the Arc of Prosperity blog was especially relevant and timely.  It covers the Labour Party’s Devo Nano proposal. In particular, it points to the potential of tax policy to […]

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AirBnB: From 0 to $10 billion in 8 years

The Wall Street Journal has reported that San Francisco-based startup AirBnB is being valued at approximately $10 billion.  CrunchWeek (TechCrunch) also has a report and video covering this story as well. This is an amazing rags-to-riches story of two guys who couldn’t afford to pay their rent in San Francisco, started creatively finding a solution […]

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What Scotland can Learn from Macedonia: 10-10-10

  The Academic Entrepreneur recently took a trip to the Republic of Macedonia to teach MBA students e-commerce and internet startup strategy during an intensive two-week pre-semester course. This followed a conference and similar opportunity of education in Turkey. The plane flight was enjoyable and short, and the mystery of Macedonia intriguing. Flag of Macedonia The […]

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A Bold New Way to Fund Drug Research: Highlighting TED talk by Roger Stein

As the Academic Entrepreneur is hanging in Vancouver now networking around TED and chatting with folks such as Vinod Khosla and Ram Shiram, he thought it good timing to post this recent TED talk on financing drug discovery given by Roger Stein  of MIT Sloan in November of 2013.   Roger Stein TED talk from November 2013 on […]

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Codebase launches in Edinburgh – Soon to be UK’s largest Tech Incubator

Codebase has launched in Edinburgh, Scotland.  The First Minister Alex Salmond officially launched the new incubator on March 11th, 2014. ” CodeBase is the newest and largest technology incubator in Scotland” according to the website of Codebase “We are based in Argyle House, a quarter of a million square foot building in the heart […]

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History of American Capitalism – St. Patricks Day 2014

Cornell University has launched a new MOOC “A History of American Capitalism  History 1514x” on CornellX. While I have not taken the course yet and thus can’t recommend it per se, I would guess that its quite good, and those interested can register for it now. The course starts on St. Patrick’s Day: 17 March 2014. […]


The Fall: Endinburgh Man

  “We can shape wir bairn’s wyliecoat but canna shape thair weird”   Perhaps the UK’s most prolific rock band, The Fall, was seen in-concert by the Academic Entrepreneur in 1990. Mark E Smith formed the band upon dropping out of high school at the age of 19 in England.  It was through this festive […]

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Universities Have Opportunity for Experiential Education Under Their Noses and Don’t See It

Universities have the opportunity to facilitate experiential entrepreneurship education right under their noses but they don’t see it. Yet.   A fascinating article about maverick students mining cryptocurrency using university computer systems in some shades of grey areas can be found below following the Academic Entrepreneur’s commentary. Hmmmmmm let’s think. The Academic Entrepreneur has a […]

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