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University of Victoria: Strategic Research Plan in Progress

Universities play a key role in the creation and dissemination of knowledge in our societies. Increasingly these institutions are playing a crucial role in regional economic development for they not only can create knowledge but breed innovation. The University of Victoria is the largest and highest ranking research university on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, […]

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Triple Helix Power Play: Cornell University and others in New York State to Provide Tax-Free Zones for State Start-ups

An interesting program as covered in the Cornell Daily Sun a couple of months ago.  Basically, start-ups that locate within a mile of Cornell University and benefit the university in some way through interaction will receive tax-free status for 10 years from the State of New York (but not the US Federal Government).  They will […]

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Helice Magazine – latest issue

The new issue of  Helice Magazine has been released. Its from the Triple Helix Association.  There are some good papers including one on Technology-Enabled Innovation Strategy.   Helice Magazine Here is the link for the new issue:

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