University of Victoria: Strategic Research Plan in Progress

Universities play a key role in the creation and dissemination of knowledge in our societies. Increasingly these institutions are playing a crucial role in regional economic development for they not only can create knowledge but breed innovation. The University of Victoria is the largest and highest ranking research university on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, […]

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Canada’s Immigrant Investor Venture Capital Pilot Program Launched

As anticipated, the Canadian Government has launched its Immigrant Investor Venture Capital Program (IIVC).  This was originally announced in December of 2014.  The program opened at the end of January. Unfortunately, the Academic Entrepreneur has not been blogging at the usual pace. Apologies are in order. Essentially, here is how The IIVC works:  High Net Worth Individuals […]

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BioDesign for the Dundee

Dundee University, I learned recently, has great ambitions to become Scotland’s highest ranked university within 25 years. It is pursuing a new entrepreneurship and innovation strategy which is currently being worked on by Alastair McGill to help it achieve this goal. I spent a few days up in Dundee this month and will write a […]

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Game Changing Concept and Paper for Cryptocurrency? Pegged Sidechains

See this paper on pegged sidechains. It may be a game-changer.

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Twenty Questions for Canadians Regarding Scottish Independence

Questions for the Canadians and on their perspective on Scottish Independence from the Academic Entrepreneur     I am asking these because in my “ethnographic experience” in Canada, I’ve noted one or more of the following around the issue of Scottish Independence: a) apathy surrounding the issue; b) a lack of an awareness of the […]

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Why Scotland is more like Canada than Quebec: Opinion piece by Harry McGrath

“So, rather than see the independence issue in Scotland as just another version of Quebec, it looks to me a lot more like the small ‘n’ Canadian nationalism of the 1970s onward: welcoming, inclusive, peaceful.”  -Harry McGrath, 2012   An exciting time in Scotland now with the possibilities for independence as the polls are showing […]

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Stiglitz Challenge to Higher Education in Scotland – Overview of Talk in Edinburgh

This blog article was published by The Bella Calendonia blog on the 30th of August, 2014.   Stiglitz enlightened challenge to Scottish Education BY BELLACALEDONIA on AUGUST 30, 2014 • ( 8 ) By Douglas Robertson Last week Joseph Stiglitz, Nobel Laureate in Economics, set out the case for public, not private funding of tertiary education […]

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