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Cornell University’s NYC Tech receives another $100 million gift

This time former Mayor Michael Bloomberg donated $100 million himself to Cornell NYC Tech it was announced. Reprint of article is below from 17 June 2015 The Verge See the full article here: —————————- Bloomberg donates $100M to New York City’s tech island campus Cornell Tech offers ‘startup postdocs’ to build new tech businesses Billionaire and […]

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Brain Drain for Scottish Universities post-Independence: Solving the Research Funding Need

Today’s Guardian article “Scottish universities braced for brain drain if country votes for independence: Senior education figures voice fears about loss of funding and departure of top scientists in the event of a yes vote” warned of the loss of scientists and other researchers if Scotland leaves the union.  This would result in further brain drain, […]

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Canadian Universities and Startups: Infrastructure and Services at U Waterloo and Toronto

Recent article in the Globe and Mail “How Universities are Growing the Next Generation of Billion Dollar Startups“. I may or may not circle back around to comment on it.  A quick read and I didn’t find anything earth shattering or particularly unusual or interesting besides the standard. However, because of the Canadian aspect, I […]

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MENA Region gets lesson from Dave

Dave as in Dave McClure of 500 dished out a good lesson to the MENA region in his keynote speech yesterday at ArabNet’s Digital Summit in Dubai.  Said Dave: “Local investors whine about entrepreneurs. Usually the real challenge in most markets is that the investors don’t have their act together, the investors don’t take risks and […]

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Food Incubator: T’Souke Nation’s Solar-Powered Wasabi Greenhouse Project

The T’Souke Nation is an awesomely cool “band” as the Canadians refer to such organizations and provides a source of intrigue for the Academic Entrepreneur. The T’Souke Nation is located in Sooke, British Columbia, and has won awards recently for their efforts in economic development. In fact, this “tiny Vancouver Island nation” had become famous […]

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Water is More Valuable than Gold: Scotland’s most undervalued resource; the Elephant in the Room; and the solution to the Currency Debate

The Academic Entrepreneur picked up an article in today on CNN Money “Water becoming more valuable than gold“.  To many of you, this will not be a surprise.   “The World Economic Forum names it as the number three global risk of 2014.”   Scotland has a lot of it as well, and one of the best […]

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