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University Economic Development Association (UEDA)

The Academic Entrepreneur would like to highlight the University Economic Development Association (UEDA), a non-profit (501 C 3) organization in the United States that is pursuing international expansion.  This NGO is doing great things in the realm of economic development, bettering the university’s role in its region and community through best practice sharing,  knowledge exchange, […]

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Cornell University’s NYC Tech receives another $100 million gift

This time former Mayor Michael Bloomberg donated $100 million himself to Cornell NYC Tech it was announced. Reprint of article is below from 17 June 2015 The Verge See the full article here: —————————- Bloomberg donates $100M to New York City’s tech island campus Cornell Tech offers ‘startup postdocs’ to build new tech businesses Billionaire and […]

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Stiglitz Challenge to Higher Education in Scotland – Overview of Talk in Edinburgh

This blog article was published by The Bella Calendonia blog on the 30th of August, 2014.   Stiglitz enlightened challenge to Scottish Education BY BELLACALEDONIA on AUGUST 30, 2014 • ( 8 ) By Douglas Robertson Last week Joseph Stiglitz, Nobel Laureate in Economics, set out the case for public, not private funding of tertiary education […]

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Co-Founders of Fanduel met at the Edinburgh Entrepreneurship Club

  Fanduel Co-Founders Met at the E-Club Serendipity always rewards the prepared -Katori Hall EDINBURGH, SCOTLAND  03 September 2014 – Fanduel, an Edinburgh-based company that raised a venture capital round of $70 million it was announced today, had its origins in the Edinburgh Entrepreneurship Club (E-Club) at the Business School at the University of Edinburgh. […]

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Brain Drain for Scottish Universities post-Independence: Solving the Research Funding Need

Today’s Guardian article “Scottish universities braced for brain drain if country votes for independence: Senior education figures voice fears about loss of funding and departure of top scientists in the event of a yes vote” warned of the loss of scientists and other researchers if Scotland leaves the union.  This would result in further brain drain, […]

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Research Project: Triple Helix Scotland: Perceptions on the Independence Referendum

Today the Academic Entrepreneur submitted a research project proposal “Triple Helix Scotland: Perceptions on the Independence Referendum” on .  Upon its launch a new blog post will be posted., a new way to raise funds for research,  was hatched at Paul Graham’s Y-Combinator  and launched on February 5th, 2014.  It has been described […]

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Entrepreneurial University of the Year: Strathclyde in Glasgow, Scotland: Spinouts, Hospitality and Entrepreneurship

“An entrepreneurial spirit permeates our activity and our distinctiveness as an entrepreneurial university is rooted in our vision and strategy. By cultivating this spirit in our students, we are laying the foundations for future prosperity and nurturing future generations of leaders and successful businessmen and women. Entrepreneurship is one of the key parts of our […]

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