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University of Victoria: Strategic Research Plan in Progress

Universities play a key role in the creation and dissemination of knowledge in our societies. Increasingly these institutions are playing a crucial role in regional economic development for they not only can create knowledge but breed innovation. The University of Victoria is the largest and highest ranking research university on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, […]

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Simon Jenkins on Scottish Independence

Tonight’s Guardian article on Scottish Independence “Scottish Independence: A Yes Vote Will Produce  a Leaner, Meaner Scotland”  by Simon Jenkins is well worth a read.  He has nailed it.  Here is an excerpt that gets to bottom line and is the essence of his argument: “I would vote yes because, though I disbelieve both Darling […]

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AirBnB: From 0 to $10 billion in 8 years

The Wall Street Journal has reported that San Francisco-based startup AirBnB is being valued at approximately $10 billion.  CrunchWeek (TechCrunch) also has a report and video covering this story as well. This is an amazing rags-to-riches story of two guys who couldn’t afford to pay their rent in San Francisco, started creatively finding a solution […]

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