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Cornell University’s NYC Tech receives another $100 million gift

This time former Mayor Michael Bloomberg donated $100 million himself to Cornell NYC Tech it was announced. Reprint of article is below from 17 June 2015 The Verge See the full article here: —————————- Bloomberg donates $100M to New York City’s tech island campus Cornell Tech offers ‘startup postdocs’ to build new tech businesses Billionaire and […]

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Lessons from Iceland for Canada, British Columbia, Vancouver Island and Sooke

This article is reposted from the Sooke Pocket News and was published on 11 April 2015. Lessons from Iceland for Canada, British Columbia, Vancouver Island and Sooke By Michael Clouser With the recent visit by Kinder Morgan to the Sooke Council, and the recent referendum in Sooke regarding the passage of oil tankers through the […]

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University of Victoria: Strategic Research Plan in Progress

Universities play a key role in the creation and dissemination of knowledge in our societies. Increasingly these institutions are playing a crucial role in regional economic development for they not only can create knowledge but breed innovation. The University of Victoria is the largest and highest ranking research university on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, […]

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Venture Capital and Innovation in Banking

Innovation in banking can be had in various levels. In today’s innovation economy, new technology and its applications, as well as new business models, lead to innovation in the sector. While painful, allowing banks to fail leads to creative destruction and new, entrepreneurial banks that better serve their customer bases and are more efficient.  Bailing […]

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Pound Ultimatim for Scotland Opens Door for the First Tech Currency State

Political posturing or not, UK Treasury Chief George Osborne has issued a warning to Scotland that it if does go independent, it unfortunately won’t enjoy the wonderful benefits of the Pound.  Pundits will call this a keen political move, adding further fuel to the fire in the Campaign of Fear. Nothing like scaring a bunch of pensioners, […]

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