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Currency in Scotland: Commentary and the Block Chain Possibility

  Keiser report where Scottish Independence and cryptocurrency is discussed. A couple of great conversations here about cryptocurrency, and the possibilities for a new country to put its system “on the block chain“. Just put it all on the block chain. If you aren’t familiar, read about the block chain here.  Its actually the “Alternative […]

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Scotland Decides: Currency Debate Is Sparse on Imagination

Through Jo Young of the Edinburgh Entrepreneurship Club I followed Twitter to an article from a publication called “The Conversation” on “Scotland Decides ’14: The Conversation Expert Panel”. There are a series of online debates to be posted. The first one, much to my chagrin, was on the currency issue. If these end up […]

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Pound Ultimatim for Scotland Opens Door for the First Tech Currency State

Political posturing or not, UK Treasury Chief George Osborne has issued a warning to Scotland that it if does go independent, it unfortunately won’t enjoy the wonderful benefits of the Pound.  Pundits will call this a keen political move, adding further fuel to the fire in the Campaign of Fear. Nothing like scaring a bunch of pensioners, […]

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