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Regional Innovation and the “Known Quantity” Dilemma

Inspired by an Open Letter written to Town Board (TB) members of New Castle, New York: New Castle doesn’t deserve “good” it deserves “great”, I was reminded of the “Known Quantity” attitude. This letter was written by my friend and classmate from undergraduate Hotel School at Cornell University, Peter Chase ’89, and his wife, Erin […]

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The Fall: Endinburgh Man

  “We can shape wir bairn’s wyliecoat but canna shape thair weird”   Perhaps the UK’s most prolific rock band, The Fall, was seen in-concert by the Academic Entrepreneur in 1990. Mark E Smith formed the band upon dropping out of high school at the age of 19 in England.  It was through this festive […]

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Alex Salmond’s London Speech from the Perspective of the Academic Entrepreneur

However, the current balance sheet is only part of the economic story. We should also look at the potential of the country. We have more universities in the world top 200, per head of population, than any other country on the planet; we have huge expertise in engineering and life sciences; an astounding cultural heritage; […]

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