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Entrepreneur Charan Gill Weighs in on Independence Debate

Glasgow’s Curry King is skeptical of Political Leadership not only in Scotland but in the UK and entire West  In today’s Scotsman restauranteur Charn Gill of Glasgow weighed into the independence debate in Scotland. Mr. Gill is an immigrant entrepreneur fr0m Punjab whose Twitter profile states “arrived in Scotland as a wee boy and grew […]

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Independence Referendum: Scottish Parliament and Finance Ministers Debate

For those interested in the independence debate here is footage from the Scottish Parliament yesterday as covered by Democracy Live.  The clip is 1 hour 29 minutes long but worth a watch and bit of fun as well. The office report of business in yesterday’s Parliament complete with the transcript  is here.  Business is winding down […]

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Regional Innovation Strategy suggested by Mark Andreessen: Create Regulatory Competition

  “… policymakers shouldn’t be trying to copy Silicon Valley. Instead, they should be figuring out what domain is (or could be) specific to their region—and then removing the regulatory hurdles for that particular domain“. -Marc Andreesson An interesting article in Politico Magazine by Marc Andreesson this past weekend “Turn Detroit into Drone Valley“.  While the Academic Entrepreneur […]

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Research Project: Triple Helix Scotland: Perceptions on the Independence Referendum

Today the Academic Entrepreneur submitted a research project proposal “Triple Helix Scotland: Perceptions on the Independence Referendum” on .  Upon its launch a new blog post will be posted., a new way to raise funds for research,  was hatched at Paul Graham’s Y-Combinator  and launched on February 5th, 2014.  It has been described […]

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Canadian Universities and Startups: Infrastructure and Services at U Waterloo and Toronto

Recent article in the Globe and Mail “How Universities are Growing the Next Generation of Billion Dollar Startups“. I may or may not circle back around to comment on it.  A quick read and I didn’t find anything earth shattering or particularly unusual or interesting besides the standard. However, because of the Canadian aspect, I […]

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Commentary on the USA’s Intervention in the Scottish Independence Issue

The Scottish Independence debate and campaign has moved into the final 100 days. Exciting times ahead and the Academic Entrepreneur will look forward to coverage and writings from the perspective of, well, and academic entrepreneur, from one that values creativity and innovation, and believes in Drucker’s notion of the knowledge economy, and Florida’s theory of […]

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MENA Region gets lesson from Dave

Dave as in Dave McClure of 500 dished out a good lesson to the MENA region in his keynote speech yesterday at ArabNet’s Digital Summit in Dubai.  Said Dave: “Local investors whine about entrepreneurs. Usually the real challenge in most markets is that the investors don’t have their act together, the investors don’t take risks and […]

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