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Academic Entrepreneurship in the Hospitality Industry

“You can take the Hotelie out of the Hotel Industry, but you can never take the Hotel Industry out of the Hotelie” -Hotelie saying heard frequently at alumni gatherings and especially Hotel Ezra Cornell (HEC) at Cornell University every April Our all-time favorite academic entrepreneur of course is none other than Chuck Feeney, Cornell University […]

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Polish Migrants in Scotland

Polish_migrants_in_Scotland_2014 For a link to the .pdf: Polish migrants in Scotland: voting behaviours and engagement in the Scottish independence referendum   This report from the Centre for Population Change (CPC) from the University of South Hampton was published recently and highlighted on the University of Edinburgh’s Future of the UK and Scotland website by Coree […]

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Border Effects: Canada-USA Lessons by James E. Anderson of Boston College

This presentation was given at the University of Edinburgh on the 26th of June, 2014.  It was highlighted today on the University of Edinburgh’s Referendum blog  “Informing the Debate” at Thanks Coree Brown for posting this for us.  

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University of Edinburgh – MOOC on the Scottish Referendum

The University of Edinburgh has launched a new Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) today on the Scottish Referendum. See the news here on BBC News Scotland Politics.   The six week course launched on the 25th of August 2014  is entitled “Towards Scottish Independence? Understanding the Referendum” More information can be found on the course MOOC […]

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Venture Capital and Innovation in Banking

Innovation in banking can be had in various levels. In today’s innovation economy, new technology and its applications, as well as new business models, lead to innovation in the sector. While painful, allowing banks to fail leads to creative destruction and new, entrepreneurial banks that better serve their customer bases and are more efficient.  Bailing […]

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Professor Tom Devine Decides on his Independence Vote

News on Professor Tom Devine’s choice of independence for Scotland. Tom is a leading scholar on Scottish History. 

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Scottish Parliamentary Session – Innovation Centres get GBP 14 million boost

Innovation Centres in Scotland is to receive an additional GBP 14 million in funding. These are quite successful and are an innovative, ambitious initiative themselves. See recent press announcement here from The Courier announced by Education Secretary Michael Russell.  See the Parliamentary Session here: Scottish Parliament Plenary Session 20 August 2014

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How to Massively Increase Research Funding and Venture Capital Supply in Scotland

The Academic Entrepreneur is circling back to innovation policy in light of the upcoming Referendum on Scottish Independence. The polls are closer than ever and now is the time to be discussing policy, especially venture capital policy which could evolve under independence for the new Arc of Prosperity State or under further devolution from centralized […]

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