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New Position: Dubai Ports World Professorship of Entrepreneurship and Innovation

The University of Oxford has just posted a new position that looks especially interesting. Its a professorship in entrepreneurship, with a particular focus on growing the research programme there that will focus on technology entrepreneurship, the knowledge economy, and so forth.

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Flashback – Vinod Khosla and Luck

I am still searching for the video interview conducted by Silicon India with my former boss and friend, the late Dr. Rajeev Motwani.  Unfortunately, I have yet to find it. If anyone comes accross it, please send me the link and I’ll do a blog post and link it up here. In the meantime, here […]

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The Clouser Model of Entrepreneurial Brain Drain

In this post I will begin to elaborate on my model, formally named “The Clouser Model of Entrepreneurial Brain Drain in the Triple Helix”. I thought it especially relevant to post following the recent activity around the introduction of the Startup Visa in the United States. I will discuss that as well, especially on its […]

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