Water is More Valuable than Gold: Scotland’s most undervalued resource; the Elephant in the Room; and the solution to the Currency Debate

The Academic Entrepreneur picked up an article in today on CNN MoneyWater becoming more valuable than gold“.  To many of you, this will not be a surprise.


“The World Economic Forum names it as the number three global risk of 2014.


Scotland has a lot of it as well, and one of the best water management systems in the world in Scottish Water, a fine institution that is underplayed and under-appreciated. Scotland has what may just be the cleanest, freshest, well-kept water in the world.

As the Academic Entrepreneur has argued before, Scotland’s most valuable resource is of course brainpower, intellect, and creativity. Its imagination.

It will be water that ends up being Scotland’s most sought after and valuable commodity resource, however.  Never mind the oil. Water will leave oil in the dust.

Sure, the oil is a fine resource to argue over for now.  How much there is or isn’t, how long it will last. Both sides seem happy to argue about the oil.

There are a few elephants in the room in the Scottish Independence Referendum, now just 4 months or so away,  that no one wants to talk about, however..  One of these is the debt and credit rating of a rUK which is up for risk; another one is the potential for skyrocketing energy costs to rUK with the loss of the neighbor to the north; and another big one is the potential loss of a security council seat for rUK that is really an ego issue amongst politicians (but a very real possibility which will clearly symbolize the fall of an empire and mark its fate).  However, there may be no bigger elephant in the room than water. Scotland has it, and has lots of it, and manages it well. Politicians know that in the future, this will be a key asset. The time is fast approaching, and it is this asset that will need guarded by a strong military; but also this asset that will bring great wealth to the Land and bring the immigrants from all over the world that she needs.

Do not underestimate the power of water. I hate to be a dire futurist, but there is no doubt that wars will be fought over. Already, in fact, we have seen this occurring in the guise of other. Most of us understand that it is resources behind these conflicts.

Referencing the above mentioned article in CNN Money


“And don’t think that it’s only a third world problem. The U.S. Department of State has already mentioned water risk as a threat to national security. To top of page


But many of us know this already, about water, its value, its power, and the fact that Scotland has a lot of it. Now for the lesson of the day, and the main takeaway:

As discussed before by the Academic Entrepreneur, a new cryptocurrency is the best solution to the currency issue for an independent Scotland. Such a currency could be backed by Scottish water resources, thus making it sound. The wealth of the nation will be thus increased as the efficiency and soundness of the cryptocurrency is adopted around the world. Exponential wealth can be created from a currency alone. Never mind the pound. A fiat currency controlled by a central bank will never compete with a sound currency backed up by water, decentralized globally and transmitted electronically. Schumpeter’s currency will reign. Game over.


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