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Academic Entrepreneurship in the Hospitality Industry

“You can take the Hotelie out of the Hotel Industry, but you can never take the Hotel Industry out of the Hotelie” -Hotelie saying heard frequently at alumni gatherings and especially Hotel Ezra Cornell (HEC) at Cornell University every April Our all-time favorite academic entrepreneur of course is none other than Chuck Feeney, Cornell University […]

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Why is Miami the Most Entrepreneurial Zone in the United States of America?

“We are 50 million strong and growing. We are risk-takers. … We are the future.” -Mike Fernandez, Cuban immigrant and billionaire serial entrepreneur from Miami, Florida   The Academic Entrepreneur loves Miami.   He loves Miami not just because of South Beach and its buzzy nightlife and creative culture, its beautiful women, its sandy white […]

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AirBnB: From 0 to $10 billion in 8 years

The Wall Street Journal has reported that San Francisco-based startup AirBnB is being valued at approximately $10 billion.  CrunchWeek (TechCrunch) also has a report and video covering this story as well. This is an amazing rags-to-riches story of two guys who couldn’t afford to pay their rent in San Francisco, started creatively finding a solution […]

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