Kitchen Incubation Industry in the USA

There are now approximately 130 kitchen incubators in the USA, and I would guess around a dozen in Canada. A new study econsultsolutions reviews the industry in its report “US Kitchen Incubators: An Industry Snapshot“. A range of different models are being used, with those affiliated with universities focusing on innovation usually.  We are at […]

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Google’s R & D Differentiation

My brilliant friend Rob Michlowitz, a PhD student in computer science at the University of Central Florida pointed this article out to me: “Why Google Doesn’t Have a Research Lab” which was published recently in the MIT Research Review.  A good short read on Google and its strategy. A recent paper “Rethinking industrial research, development […]

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Venture Capitalists and Their Stories

An interesting project that merits recognition is the Venture Capitalists Oral History Project from the University of California – Berkeley.   It reminds me of the book “Done Deals: Venture Capitalists Tell Their Stories” (2000) by Udayan Gupta.   From the Venture Capitalists Oral History Project at See: “Venture capital was not a term when […]

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Why you should support your local Hackerspace – and Public Library too

Just a short post here from the Academic Entrepreneur. Please follow the link to read the entire article as published in Info World’s Developer World site entitled “Why you should care about your local hackerspace“. A great take on hackerspaces and their value. Following up the first comment from “vonskippy” highlights the point that public libraries […]

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Currency in Scotland: Commentary and the Block Chain Possibility

  Keiser report where Scottish Independence and cryptocurrency is discussed. A couple of great conversations here about cryptocurrency, and the possibilities for a new country to put its system “on the block chain“. Just put it all on the block chain. If you aren’t familiar, read about the block chain here.  Its actually the “Alternative […]

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Why is Miami the Most Entrepreneurial Zone in the United States of America?

“We are 50 million strong and growing. We are risk-takers. … We are the future.” -Mike Fernandez, Cuban immigrant and billionaire serial entrepreneur from Miami, Florida   The Academic Entrepreneur loves Miami.   He loves Miami not just because of South Beach and its buzzy nightlife and creative culture, its beautiful women, its sandy white […]

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Scotland Decides: Currency Debate Is Sparse on Imagination

Through Jo Young of the Edinburgh Entrepreneurship Club I followed Twitter to an article from a publication called “The Conversation” on “Scotland Decides ’14: The Conversation Expert Panel”. There are a series of online debates to be posted. The first one, much to my chagrin, was on the currency issue. If these end up […]

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