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Food Incubator of the Year: Canada’s Shining Star in Alberta and its University Interaction

About a year ago while on the phone with an associate of the Canadian Business Incubation Association (CABI) surrounding food incubators in Canada,  the Academic Entrepreneur learned of the Food Processing Development Centre near Edmonton in Leduc, Alberta, Canada.  The centre houses a “sister”  incubator that is a model for others in the area of food […]

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Food Incubator: T’Souke Nation’s Solar-Powered Wasabi Greenhouse Project

The T’Souke Nation is an awesomely cool “band” as the Canadians refer to such organizations and provides a source of intrigue for the Academic Entrepreneur. The T’Souke Nation is located in Sooke, British Columbia, and has won awards recently for their efforts in economic development. In fact, this “tiny Vancouver Island nation” had become famous […]

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Kitchen Incubation Industry in the USA

There are now approximately 130 kitchen incubators in the USA, and I would guess around a dozen in Canada. A new study econsultsolutions reviews the industry in its report “US Kitchen Incubators: An Industry Snapshot“. A range of different models are being used, with those affiliated with universities focusing on innovation usually.  We are at […]

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Sooke Incubator and Makerspace for Art, Technology and Food – Proposal

PROPOSAL SookeSpace Sooke Incubator and Makerspace for Art,  Technology and Food  “Where art meets science and commerce” Sooke is a dynamic small community on the outskirts of Victoria, British Columbia.   It has a history of arts and culture that started with the First Nations who thrived on its land and named it “Sooke” which […]