Simon Jenkins on Scottish Independence

Tonight’s Guardian article on Scottish Independence “Scottish Independence: A Yes Vote Will Produce  a Leaner, Meaner Scotland”  by Simon Jenkins is well worth a read.  He has nailed it.  Here is an excerpt that gets to bottom line and is the essence of his argument:

“I would vote yes because, though I disbelieve both Darling and Salmond, Salmond’s lies would precipitate a crisis that would have to lead to a leaner, meaner Scotland, one bolstered by the well-known advantages of newborn states and more intimate governments. Scotland’s whingeing and blaming of London would stop. It would be driven towards true self-sufficiency, capable of resembling Denmark, Norway, Ireland or Slovakia as a haven for fleet-footed entrepreneurs.”

Scotland he describes as a “sovereign state in embryo”. Eventually, it will be independent, as tough as that might be for its people in the transition.






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