Independence Referendum: Scottish Parliament and Finance Ministers Debate

For those interested in the independence debate here is footage from the Scottish Parliament yesterday as covered by Democracy Live.  The clip is 1 hour 29 minutes long but worth a watch and bit of fun as well. The office report of business in yesterday’s Parliament complete with the transcript  is here.  Business is winding down in Parliament for the summer, which is in recess the 28th of June through 3 August. Its back in session one last time before the Referendum the 4th  through 22nd of August. Today’s First Minister’s Question Time has been published here as well. There are of course a lot of questions on independence.

There is also a debate this evening in Aberdeen where the Finance Ministers of Scotland and the United Kingdom will spar.   UK Chief Secretary to the Treasury Danny Alexander and Scottish Finance Secretary John Swinney  represent the No and Yes camps respectively. The debate is heating up and the finances and economics of Scotland and its potential independence  is coming to the forefront as it is of primary concern to voters.



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