Entrepreneur Charan Gill Weighs in on Independence Debate

Glasgow’s Curry King is skeptical of Political Leadership not only in Scotland but in the UK and entire West 

In today’s Scotsman restauranteur Charn Gill of Glasgow weighed into the independence debate in Scotland. Mr. Gill is an immigrant entrepreneur fr0m Punjab whose Twitter profile statesarrived in Scotland as a wee boy and grew to love the country which has provided with everything I could ever have wished for” .  

Mr. Gill won the Asian Entrepreneur of the Year Award for the UK 10 years ago. He is a well known Glaswegian entrepreneur who built a chain of Indian Restaurants and sold them in 2005 in a package deal. While there is much opportunity for Scotland in independence, he believes,  he questions whether or not the current political class has the leadership skills and vision to make real change:


“We will continue to be governed by the same politicians within the same political system; a system that has failed to address and ignored the social issues of its majority for hundreds of years and protected the interests of the few.

Gill, right, said he believed the political system to be corrupt and biased, “not just in Britain, but across the ‘free world’”. He said “personal independence, freedom and equality” cannot be achieved by people with the current political mindset. “They may talk a new language, but the mould that made them is the same. Their thinking is restricted.”


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