Venture Capitalists and Their Stories

An interesting project that merits recognition is the Venture Capitalists Oral History Project from the University of California – Berkeley.   It reminds me of the book “Done Deals: Venture Capitalists Tell Their Stories” (2000) by Udayan Gupta.


From the Venture Capitalists Oral History Project at


“Venture capital was not a term when these narrators began to practice “risk investment” in the late 1960s and early 1970s.  The oral histories describe the evolution of the field into the industry of today, focusing on its earliest emergence in Northern California. The narrators describe their circuitous routes into venture capital, their individual approaches to its practice, illustrative investments in key companies, the significance of its location in the Golden State, and its contributions to creating, financing, and building new companies, nationally and, increasingly, internationally.

Conceived and generously funded by Paul Bancroft III, with supplementary funding from William Draper III and Franklin Pitcher Johnson, the project in its third and final year has produced seventeen interviews with first-generation Californian venture capitalists, investment bankers, and attorneys. Fundraising for the second-phase—“Venture Capital After the Founding Generation: Has the Model Changed?”—is underway as of early 2011. The new project will interview venture capitalists active in the 1980s and 1990s and provide a comparative basis for an ever-changing industry.

Advisory Board members: Paul Bancroft III, William Bowes Jr., William Draper III, Jerome Engel, Charles Faulhaber, Franklin Pitcher Johnson, and Alan Mendelson.

Project Director and Interviewer: Sally Smith Hughes

Videographers: Julie Allen, Caroline Crawford, Linda Norton, and Travis Thompson”


You can find the entire set oral histories archive  here:


Venture Capitalists with Oral Histories:

These are most of the “classic” venture capitalists in the  history of venture capital in the Bay Area of California.


Moshe Alafi Transcript


Paul Bancroft III Transcript


David A. Bossen Transcript


Reid Dennis Transcript


William Draper Transcript


William Edwards Transcript


William Hambrecht Transcript


J. Burgess Jamieson Transcript


Franklin P. Johnson Transcript


Donald L. Lucas Transcript


Burton J. McMurtry Transcript


Gibson S. Myers Transcript


Thomas J, Perkins Transcript


Sanford R. Robertson Transcript


Arthur Rock Transcript


Lawrence R. Sonsini Transcript


Donald J. Valentine Transcript


Ann L. Winblad Transcript




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