Why you should support your local Hackerspace – and Public Library too

Just a short post here from the Academic Entrepreneur.

Please follow the link to read the entire article as published in Info World’s Developer World site entitled “Why you should care about your local hackerspace“.

A great take on hackerspaces and their value. Following up the first comment from “vonskippy” highlights the point that public libraries have the benefits of hackerspaces as well:


The same could be said about supporting your local Public Library.  They offer a wealth of information, free public internet access, free wifi, free computer literacy classes, free classes and lectures on a wide variety of subjects, numerous kids programs that get kids started on the right path of intellectual curiosity, etc. etc.

So support your local library so that the community is smart enough and curious enough to want/need a local hackerspace.”


After getting chastised for his seeming ignorance on public libraries, he follows up with

Obviously if0d, you’re clueless about libraries. 

Even a small town like mine (45,000 pop.) has an average of 450 people a DAY, seven days a week. 

Not everyone has the disposable income for an Amazon prime account and a broadband connection, should those people not have internet access? 

What about books, dvds, audio books, ebooks – if they can’t afford to buy them they should just go without?  What about all the free training classes – should old people just wonder how to use a computer or should they take a free class and actually learn how?  How about all the baby-toddler-preschool reading classes – isn’t it bad enough that public schools suck, we should just ignore the kids whose parents are wise enough to help their kids get a head start? 

It’s people like you that have little to offer these days, not libraries – they’re chock full of things that help their community.”

From there there is back and forth with vonskippy defending his assertion on public libraries.

We need both. Its not an either-or. The Academic Entrepreneur was recently re-introduced to the public library in his local community. He was amazed to learn about the breadth of resources available throughout the system, the programmes and learning opportunities that were being put on by the local library itself.

Perhaps co-locating public libraries and hackerspaces side-by-side is indeed a good model to pursue for communities.  Their missions and benefits are similar.


For a list of hackerspaces throughout the world, visit hackerspaces.org.



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