Now the EU joins in for the fright? Let it go.

Today the airwaves are again full of anti-independence rhetoric for Scotland. Now its the EU joining in to let the voters know that joining is special club will be “difficult” 

Another blessing in disguise. Let’s consider that many wealthy and independent nation states are not part of the EU, such as Norway and Switzerland.  Norway does just fine in its dealings. OK, the Europeans may not like the fact that they still eat whale, but otherwise, they seem to get along with the tall peoples of the North just fine. Norway has a solid currency and generates all of its energy from alternatives.  They also have 200 miles of fishing zone vs. Scotland’s 6 currently. Again I harken back to John Naisbitt’s Global Paradox (1994)


“The bigger the world economy, the more powerful its smaller players” – John Naisbitt, Global Paradox, 1994

We are just seeing the realization of Naisbitt’s vision of the future.  The smaller will become more and more powerful over the next 100 years.

Here’s the clip from yesterday’s Barrosso interview on Scotland and the EU:

Innovation Policy Constraining is the EU

The EU is also constraining on policy, including innovation policy.  There are a myriad of ways in which the EU can be traded with, and interactions can occur. And one of the most compelling arguments for joining the EU in the first place is the Euro currency, which will look like peanuts compared to the variety of cryptocurrencies gaining traction today.  If Scotland does develop the world’s standard tech currency, there will be plenty of Europeans trading with it anyway (as they are with Bitcoin already) and this could well lead to great heaps of wealth for the Scottish people.

An independent Scottish state has to strike out on its own without regards to the EU. It should revel in its independence, in the opportunity to implement keen innovation and imagination policy to move the economy and the free lives of the people forward. It should not for a minute constrain itself in this regard, especially at the rebirth of a the new nation.

Here’s a good argument on Scotland and its potential independence, the EU and Norway.

Debate over Independent Scotland: EU or Not?

Why go from one big, controlling government to another? Again, like the currency issue, the Academic Entrepreneur just can understand what all the fuss is about. Why be encumbered by even more bureaucrats?  Be friends with the EU countries and trade with them, invite them over for diplomacy,  the sharing of scientific discoveries, and the socializing with new entrepreneurial community of Europe (many of whom might want to move to a new Scotland as well).  Bring them over to see the great tidal technologies being discovered, and discuss Scotland’s model venture capital policy to-be and so forth.  Make Scotland happen and the world will come knocking at the doors.  Say “no thank you” to any impediments in getting there as soon as possible.

Let it go.

11 Months ago: The Scottish Government’s Stance on and Independent Scotland and the EU

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