A quick and dirty analysis of the White Paper on Scottish Independence

Readers have been asking me about the possibility of Scottish Independence and the innovation that could result through “smart” innovation policy. I will be writing on that as we near the vote on September 18th, 2014.

My bias is towards university, immigration, business and financial policies and how the right combination could be powerful in growing a knowledge economy. However, it will take forward-thinking politicians to harness the potential.

I’ll be providing more analysis of the White Paper on Scottish Independence which one can find here:

For those of you who are interested in academic entrepreneurship but are not familiar with Scotland’s universities, you will be pleasantly surprised to know that there is a long history of good research and education in the devolved country. The opportunity to harness this brainpower for economic development purposes has long been recognized, and various programmes and attempts have been made at doing some, with some level of mediocre success. So we’ll focus on that aspect and what independence could mean for entrepreneurship and the commercialisation of research.

However, here is a quick and dirty analysis using keyword searches:

Immigration is mentioned 62 times.

Innovation is mentioned 40 times

Incubation is mentioned 0 times

Start-up is mentioned 2 times

Ventures is mentioned 3 times.

University or universities are mentioned 103 times

Entrepreneur or entrepreneurs are mentioned 1 time

Venture capital is mentioned 3 times

Business angel or angels are mentioned 0 times

As did a lot of folks who have read the White Paper, I found there was a lack of specifics and depth. However, I also understand the reasons for that, and feel it was a fairly good start. More on this later.

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